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Improving Health through Education, Mobile Clinic Services, and Community Empowerment

Sacred Valley Health was formed in early 2012 to improve health care access and equity in Peru's Sacred Valley. With a dedicated staff and team of volunteers, we are recruiting and training community health workers (promotoras de salud) in the Ollantaytambo District to launch a frontline health worker program. We're happy you're here to see and learn more about what we do.


The mission of Sacred Valley Health is to promote health in the underserved rural communities of Peru's Sacred Valley.

The Need

The remote indigenous communities surrounding Ollantaytambo are medically under-served for a variety of reasons. Rural communities lack access to primary medical care as a result of geographic isolation, poor road conditions, and irregular transportation. Poor socioeconomic conditions, malnutrition, lack of basic services, and poor education further worsen health outcomes. Rates of preventable illnesses are high, screening for common diseases is rare, and many diseases present late to medical attention, resulting in unacceptable rates of morbidity and mortality in these communities.


Our vision is:

  • Rural inhabitants of Peru's Sacred Valley have access to quality health care services;
  • Partnerships with government and NGOs maximize access to resources;
  • Every community has at least one trained promotora de salud (community health worker);
  • Each promotora serves as an agent of change and health advocate for his or her community.